little bit about Lisa......




Lisa Ashcroft has worked with many clients over the years including corporate and leisure industries.  Her work is inspired by everyday life and her textile pieces are known for their labour intensive handstitching, Her paintings are expressive with luscious textures and a bubblegum use of colour.  Lisa's work usually has an underlying statement about the culture we live in, our human condition, our stereotypes and the seedy underbelly of society.  Her inspirations: vanitas, cute kitsch, war memorobillia, tattooing, street art, comic books, cartoons and more seriously: death, hate, religion, love, environmental issues, habitat destruction, poverty and morality.  Her painting creations are far more impacting 'in the flesh', however this website gives a snapshot idea of  the detail. Lisa lives and works in Australia.

 Lisa states: 

"The core of my 'abstract' work can be read at their most as action paintings which are energized, bold and  fully brazen. I am drawn to and respond to the multiplicity of repetitive patterns which occur at different scales in nature and in architecture. I hope to also capture my emotional response to places and social ills I am exposed to. The aim is to 'preserve' a moment in time, reflecting my connection to the place we live, about the meaning of existence generally. 

"The 'Pinup' series are made from a labour of love: handstitching. The process makes my fingers bleed and raw for days from the time spent stitching thousands of sequins and beads into the work. The end result is glitter, glamour and burlesque...without the glitz they would not work."

"The abstract paintings are as much about the expressive possibilities of paint on canvas as works evolve from the loosest of blueprints and places remembered. My painting process is about letting go of having a preconceived idea and trusting the process itself, mark follows mark on the surface whilst being recorded in the foundational layers of the painting". 


"To be an artist means that I have never reached my destination. Each painting is about learning from the last and taking those findings forward into the next phase of work. It is all consuming, challenging, some work is great, some work is bad, but it is about how painting can visually connect with the audience".