Strand Ephemera 2019 is the tenth instalment of the North Queenslands sculpture festival. Lisa entered a five piece sculpture collective called "Whimsical eye candy" competing against 38 international and national artists in Queensland as part of the NAVA festival.

About the work

Lisa Ashcroft believes that artists have an innate ability to craft something beautiful from any medium they choose, even something so ugly and inherently chaotic as garbage. By repurposing found objects and pieces of rubbish, Ashcroft is able to give her sculptures, which will ultimately be recycled again, a spirit of their own in which they are able to connect with people. Whimsical eye candy toys are sculptural dreamscapes which help raise awareness around a host of swelling environmental issues like pollution, plastic use, climate change, and the decline of our oceans and endangered species. This body of work highlights how Townsvilles February floods impacted the everyday life of the Artist as well as her shared community. Though reflecting on serious matters, Ashcroft offers her own kitschy twist to the sculptures, using colour and whimsicality to communicate and connect. View the sculpture tab for the five collective pieces.

Lisa Ashcroft works across a multitude of mediums from abstract landscape paintings to hand crafter silver jewellery and ceramics. Lisa's work usually has an underlying statement about the culture we live in, our human condition, our stereotypes and the seedy underbelly of society. Her inspirations: vanitas, cute kitsch, war memorobillia, tattooing, street art, comic books, cartoons and more seriously: death, hate, religion, environmental issues, poverty and morality.

Her painting creations are far more impacting 'in the flesh', however this website gives a snapshot idea of the detail. Lisa lives and works in Australia. Lisa states:"The core of my 'abstract' work can be read at their most as action paintings which are energized, bold and fully brazen. I am drawn to and respond to the multiplicity of repetitive patterns which occur at different scales in nature.