·       Lisa has over 15 years work experience as a community workshop artist, working with some of the most marginalised individuals and families to create stunning artworks.

·       employed on a freelance basis involving in all aspects of the project including managing, delivery, supervising, coordinating, evaluating and fundraising.

·       facilitation and delivery of the creative projects and administrative responsibilities, making examples, producing ideas boards, research and produce handouts for inspiration, group quiz to generate ideas.

·       project work falls into categories such as race, gender, disability, health and the environment, and focus on the following groups: young people, especially those at risk; young offenders; homeless people; people with disabilities and mental health conditions; ethnic minorities; drug and alcohol users

·       collaboration with a wide variety of local groups, encouraging the use of artistic activities to support their development and improve their quality of life.

·       working in areas where there are social, cultural or environmental issues to be addressed.

·       using a whole range of art forms to engage with different community groups, including visual arts, craft, creative writing, carnival arts political issues.

·       working closely with museum and art gallery, school arts development officer and youth engagement officers.

Typical activities, depending on the nature of the role, include:

·       working with a wide range of community groups to identify their needs and then adapting projects to meet these needs;

·       negotiating with community groups to see what art form they would like to use for the project;

·       designing and delivering programmes and workshops to engage different communities;

·       teaching different art techniques through workshops and classes;

·       helping groups to develop artwork for their own community;

·       project managing one-off events, such as festivals, and longer-term projects, including the setting up, monitoring and evaluation of the project;

·       building up a pool of arts professionals to hire in or work with for projects;

·       administrative duties including bid writing, fundraising and managing budgets;

·       offering advice and support to community groups on fundraising and forming projects;

·       liaising with a wide range of people and organisations including local authorities, schools, companies for sponsorship, freelance professionals and specialist workers;

·       marketing and publicising projects via social media, the press, etc; managing and supporting volunteers.