Lisa Ashcroft was born in Lancashire, England and attended Cyprus College of Art and the School of the Fine Arts, New York.

She taught experimental, as well as, traditional painting techniques at Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Lancashire. She studied silversmith jewellery, ceramics and printmaking techniques at night school whilst working full time as an interior designer and scenic designer for agencies in the UK.

Lisa has been exposed to the arts for as long as she can remember. With a unique eye for colour, Lisa regularly creates privately commissioned paintings and murals. Until the birth of her baby daughter in October 2013 Lisa worked full time as a community nurse in Australia.

Lisa currently has a studio at home in Australia where she is developing her art practice whilst caring for her daughter. Lisa has work in private collections in the UK, Cyprus, America, Japan and Spain.

Life experiences, society ills, travel, emotional response, environmental issues are just some of the inspiration for her paintings.